Kiran Makhijani

Kiran Makhijani is currently a Senior Research Scientist at the Future Network Department in Huawei USA.

She has been in the field of networking for over 16 years. She joined Huawei in 2013. At Future Networks Department, she is part of a strategic program "Next Generation Protocol Architectures", with ETSI that investigates enhancements to TCP/IP protocol suite with a holistic approach to solve inefficiencies of the current network functions and operations.

At Huawei, she has contributed to several projects relating to network virtualization technologies, non-disruptive OSPF area segmentation through Topology-Transparent Zoning (TTZ), and virtual routing for cloud-oriented networks.

Prior to joining Huawei, Kiran led projects at Cisco Systems, Inc., with the focus on L2 and L3 services, such as policy-based routing, broadband network gateways, Carrier Ethernet services, and early SDN (Software Defined Networks) initiatives.

She received the B.S. degree in Physics from Delhi University and the Masters in Computer Science from the Computer Science Department, Pune University, India.