John Jason Brzozowski, Principal Engineer/Architect Comcast Cable

At Comcast, John leverages his experience and expertise to architect and design the solutions necessary to deliver traditional and next-generation services. As part of his work on DOCSIS 3.0, John has and continues to be instrumental in preparing the MSO for its adoption of IPv6.

Prior to joining Comcast, while at Lucent Technologies, John served in a variety of technical roles. His innovative thinking was essential to the success of next generation product development efforts, which included IPv6, for the Lucent Technologies' OSS software product suite. Acting as an IPv6 SME for the firm, John utilized his knowledge and industry contacts to fuel many IPv6 initiatives. He often worked with large enterprise and service provider customers developing comprehensive solutions and supporting large-scale deployments.

John's work in the technical community currently includes acting as the chair of the MidAtlantic IPv6 Task Force, North American IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee member, and member of the IPv6 Forum. Through his work with these organization he helps to drive and support critical IPv6 activities regionally and nationally including but not limited to promoting IPv6 education and adoption.

Finally, John actively collaborates with many organizations and standards bodies, well-known to the industry, including the IPv6 Ready Logo Committee, UNH-IOL, CableLabs, and the IETF.