Dr Ivan Stojmenovic

Dr. Ivan Stojmenovic received his Ph.D. degree in mathematics in 1985. He earned a third degree prize at the International Mathematics Olympiad for high school students in 1976. He held regular or visiting positions in Serbia (Institute of Mathematics, University of Novi Sad, 1980-1987), Japan (Electrotechnical Laboratory, Tsukuba, 1985/6), USA (Washington State University, Pullman, WA, and University of Miami, FL, 1987/88), Canada (Univ. of Ottawa, since 1988), France (Amiens 1998, Lille 2002-2005) and Mexico (DISCA, IIMAS, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 2000/02). He is currently a Full professor of computer science at the School of Information Technology and Engineering, University of Ottawa.

He published >200 different papers in referred journals and conferences; >80 of them are in journals with an ISI impact factor, >20 are in IEEE or ACM journals. He (co)edited four books with Wiley: ‘Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing’ (2002), ‘Mobile Ad Hoc Networking’ (IEEE/Wiley, 2004), ‘Handbook of Sensor Networks: Algorithms and Architectures’(2005), ‘Handbook of Applied Algorithms: Solving Scientific, Engineering and Practical Problems’ (in progress). His most significant publications can be seen at www.site.uottawa.ca/~ivan. He co-authored over 30 book chapters, mostly very recent. He collaborated with over 90 co-authors with Ph.D. and a number of their graduate students from 23 different countries. He (co)supervised 39 completed Ph.D. and master theses, and published over 120 joint articles with supervised students. His current research interests are mainly in wireless ad hoc, sensor and cellular networks. His research interests also include parallel computing, multiple-valued logic, evolutionary computing, neural networks, combinatorial algorithms, computational geometry, graph theory, computational chemistry, image processing, programming languages, and computer science education. He was cited >2700 times and is in the top 0.56% most cited authors in Computer Science (Citeseer August 2006). One of his articles, on broadcasting in ad hoc wireless networks, was recognized as the Fast Breaking Paper, for October 2003 (as the only one for all of computer science), by Thomson ISI Essential Science Indicators http://esi-topics.com/fbp/fbp-october2003.html. He received: Best Paper Award, at the IFIP PWC, 2004; Faculty of Engineering’s 2004-2005 Award for Excellence in Research, University of Ottawa; NSERC Collaborative Research Development (CRD) project (2005-8), and NSERC Strategic Grant (2006-9) as Principal Investigator.

He presented several tutorials on ad hoc and sensor networks, and gave a number of invited talks. He was Director of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Computer Science (2002-2004) and wrote an article ‘Advice for writing theses and papers’ (on his web site www.site.uottawa.ca/~ivan), containing guidelines for writing and publishing research results.

He is currently a managing editor of Journal of Multiple-Valued Logic and Soft Computing (received Certificate of Appreciation from IEEE Computer Society in 2002 for establishing and maintaining the journal), International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems (T& F), and Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks, An International Journal (OCP), and editor of several journals including IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, ACM Wireless Networks, Telecommunications Systems, Parallel Processing Letters, IJHPCN, IJWMC, IJSNet, IJDSN, IJPCC, JIE, IJVT, JWCN, and IJCA.He recently guest edited special issues in several journals including IEEE TPDS, IEEE Computer Magazine, IEEE Networks, Int. J. Distributed Sensor Networks, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Ad Hoc Networks, Telecommunication Systems, Cluster Computing, Int. J. Found. Computer Science.He chaired and/or organized >30 workshops and conferences. He served in about 100 program committees since 2004. Among others, he was/is program co/vice-chair at IEEE AINA-07, IEEE MASS-04 and -07, InterSense-06, EUC-05, WONS-05, MSN-05 and -06, ISPA-05 and -07, co-chaired workshops at IEEE MASS-06, IEEE ICDCS 2003-2007; IEEE LCN-05-06, HICSS, 2000, 2002, 2003; ICPDS-02; ICPP-00;  and was program committee member at ACM Mobihoc-06, ACM Mobicom-06, IEEE ICC-07, IEEE WOWMOM-06, IEEE PerCom-06, IEEE GlobeCom-06, IEEE LCN-06, IEEE INFOCOM-05, IEEE ICPCS-04, IEEE ICPADS-04, IEEE IPSN-04, IEEE ISCC 2004-6, IFIP PWC-03, IFIP Networking 2004-6; IEEE ICPDS-01; IEEE ICCCN 2000-3 and others and a number of workshops.