Prof. Dr. Harald Gjermundrød

Dr. Harald Gjermundrød is currently an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nicosia which he joined in September 2008. Prior to this he was an postdoctorate associate (2006-2008) at the High-Performance Computing Systems Laboratory in the Computer Science Department of the University of Cyprus. His research interests include middleware, distributed computing systems, and Grid computing. Gjermundrød received his PhD, MS, and BS degrees in computer science from Washington State University in 2006, 2001, 1999 respectively and Dipl.-Ing degree from Oslo University College in 1998 (including a year as an Erasmus student at the Robert Gordon University). Gjermundrød has worked on projects funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, EU Framework Programmes, the National Institute of Technology(US), and the National Science Foundation(US).