Dr. Hamid Menouar

Dr. Hamid Menouar is a Senior Research and Development Expert and Product Manager at Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC), in Doha, Qatar. He moved to Qatar and joined QMIC in November 2010 to contribute in making the center a regional leader in innovations, especially in the fields of Intelligent Transport Systems, Connected Vehicles and Internet of Things.

Before moving to Qatar, Dr. Hamid was a researcher then a team lead at HITACHI Europe, Information and Communication Technologies Laboratory (ICTL), in Sophia Antipolis, France. At Hitachi, he was responsible for the design and development of several vehicular communication prototypes that were demonstrated at several public and internal occasions. He has also contributed to many important research projects and activities, such as the GeoNet European FP7, which has served as the foundations for developing the current ETSI GeoNetworking Standards. Back in 2008, he was heavily involved in the development and preparation of the first Connected Vehicles demo in Europe by the Car2Car Communication Consortium. He has also contributed to the standardization activities of the next generation ITS (i.e., Vehicular Communication) in Europe, through ETSI TC ITS, and C2C-CC, where he was appointed as a co-chair of the COM working group.

Dr. Hamid experience continues in Qatar, where he has been leading different interesting and impactful projects and initiatives, such as the QatarV2X and DroneITS projects. QatarV2X is a national pilot that deploys and tests connected vehicles on the roads in Qatar and the DroneITS is a project that investigates and develops solutions that use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to enable next generation mobility.