Prof. Dr. Eva Hladka

Dr. Eva Hladka,  is an associated professor at Masaryk University (MU) as well as a senior researcher at CESNET. Since 2000 she has been responsible for the collaborative and multimedial activities at CESNET. She had been involved in projects Ithanet, EuroCareCF and EUAsiaGrid, in the firs two as work package leader. Her main research interests are programmable networks, virtual multicast and virtual collaborative environments. She is in headboard of the Laboratory of Advanced Network technologies at Faculty of Informatics, MU.

Short bio:

Doc RNDr Eva Hladka PhD, born March 2, 1961, in Brno, Czechoslovakia, married, 2 children.
Faculty of Informatics  Masaryk University Brno
                     CESNET, Czech Republic
                     Position: Associated Professor, senior researcher

Education and Academic Qualifications

- 2009: Doc in informatics
- 2004: PhD in informatics
- 1985: RNDr in mathematical informatics, theoretical cybernetics and theory of systems, Faculty of Science,
- 1984: graduated in mathematical informatics and theoretical cybernetics, Faculty of Science, University of Brno

Employment Summary

- 2009-:Associated Proffessor FI MU 2004-2009: Assistent Professor FI MU
- 2002-2009: Head of Laboratory of Advanced Network Technologies FI MU Brno
- 1999-2002: Full-time PhD student, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University Brno,
- 1994-1999: Head of Laboratory of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Masaryk university Brno
- 1989-1994: Engineer for information and communitation technology deployement, Chemistry section
- 1987-1989: PhD student at the Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Brno
- 1984-1987: study stay at Faculty of Science, University of Brno

Pedagogical Activities

- Laboratory of Advanced Network Technologies on 2007
- Principals of Multimedia Processing and Transport on 2007
- Introduction to Information Technologies on 2003 -
- Computer Networks on 2004
- Computer Networks I on 2003
- Computer Networks II on 2004

Scientific and Research Activities

- Advanced computer networks, active networks, multicast
- videoconferencing and other collaborative systems, distributed systems
- e-lerning, telemedecine