Dr. Artur Lugmayr

Dr. Artur Lugmayr describes himself as a creative thinker and his scientific work is situated between art and science. His vision can be expressed as to create media experiences on future emerging media technology platforms. He is pursuing his second doctorate at the School of Motion Picture, TV and Production Design in Helsinki, Finland. He is the head and founder of the New AMbient MUltimedia (NAMU) research group at the Tampere University of Technology (Finland) which is part of the Finnish Academy Centre of Excellence of Signal Processing from 2006 to 2011. The research group focuses on the development of smart spaces for media. He is currently preparing his second, invidually authored, text‐book entitled "Ambient Media and Beyond" with Springer‐Verlag in 2006. He chaired the ISO/IEC ad‐hoc group "MPEG‐21 in broadcasting"; won the NOKIA Award of 2003 with the text book "Digital interactive TV and Metadata" published by Springer‐Verlag in 2004; country representative of the Swan Lake Moving Image & Music Award; project proposal reviewer; invited key‐note speaker for conferences; workshop organizer for conferences; reviewer for publications and book chapters; has contributed one book chapter and written over 25 scientific publications. He gained his scientific practical experience in Austria (University Linz, RISC), Finland (Tampere University of Technology, School of Motion Picture, TV, and Production Design) and Greece, where he participated in several research projects. He is the inventor of bio‐multimedia ‐ integrated human capacity and the MPEG‐ 21 based Digital Broadcast Item Model (DBIM). His passion in private life is to be a notorious digital filmmaker. More about him at http://www.lugy.org and on http://www.cs.tut.fi/sgn/namu.