ICISP 2006 and ICDT 2006

Detailed Trip Information

Trip to St. Tropez on August 26
Departure: 8:15 from hotel
Transportation: taxi and ship

This trip is for those people that respond to the trip email notification [oana@vicov.com] at latest on August 25, 2006.

There are two legs each way:

by taxi: from the hotel to St. Rafael (and from St.Rafael to the hotel, when returning)
by boat: from St. Rafael to St. Tropez (and from St. Tropez to St Rafael, when returning)
You must arrange your taxi from the hotel to Saint Raphael. We suggest using the following company:
Charles Taxi, +33 (0)6 09 12 52 35

The ship tickets must be purchased the day before the trip, on Friday.
This will be done by our logistics for the participants who will confirm by email only (as a firm decision).
The payment for this trip will be collected on site. The only acceptable payment form is cash in Euro.
Receipts will be generated for the participants.
The cost at this point is around 21 Euro for the two-way ship ticket; it may vary slightly.

An e-mail will be sent to those who booked to the hotel.
Please reply to it if you want to participate and mention the number of persons.


8:00am meeting in front on the hotel
8:15 - take taxi to Saint Raphael
8:40 - arrive at Saint Raphael
9:30 - leave by ship to St Tropez
10:45 - arrive in St Tropez

10:45- 15:30 - points of interests: Port Grimaud, Grand Marche Provencal, the city of St Tropez

15:30 - leave by ship from St Tropez to Saint Raphael
16:45 - take taxi from Saint Raphael to the hotel
17:10 - arrive back at the hotel

Trip to Monaco on August 31
Details will be announced during the conference